Archives November 2005

Web pages moved!

Well, I’ve been playing a lot of online games recently (Day of Defeat mainly) and discovered a slight problem. Previously these web pages, including all the 100’s of pictures, were hosted on my web server in my cellar. Unfortunately this meant that whenever someone was looking at my pictures I got really bad lag and got killed!

I’ve now moved my web pages and pictures to a remote server that I look after, run by my hosting sideline, TinyNetworks. Hopefully everything should have moved across OK. If you spot any problems, let me know! Not that this will improve my gameing any. I’ll still get killed just as often, but at least now I’ve not got an excuse! Also, viewing the pictures may well be a bit faster now!

No ‘net for 24 hours!

Well, not exactly true, I could get on from work, but my home connection was down for an extended period!

But I survived!

Eventually the problem was tracked down to a BT fault, as usual. This has only been my second major outage since getting ADSL (over 3 years now) so its not really bad going.

Normal services will now be resumed!

Lancaster Mesh

Well, I’ve just been looking through the logs for one of my little pet projects, Lancaster Mesh, and noticed that there has been a little bit of traffic to it including some downloads of the software. Will wonders never cease!?

I’ve also heard rumours of people picking up the mesh wireless network (cunningly called lancastermesh) from all sorts of places around Lancaster. Now this means that either people are messing with it and not letting me know (nowt wrong with that.. they’re welcome to!) or other people are trying to do a mesh in Lancaster. In either case, if you pick up a wireless network called lancastermesh, email me and let me know when and where you picked it up from.

On a totally unrelated note, cheers to Olly for getting my map of Lancaster, er I mean Ankh-Morpork signed by Terry Pratchett!