Play in the Park

Thankfully, on friday, we actually managed to remember that we had tickets to see a ‘play in the park’ at Williamson’s Park. Earlier in the year we’d managed to forget that we had tickets, only remembering a couple of days later!

We’d been planning on going to a play for a number of years, but this is the first time we’ve actually managed to be ‘cultured’ and go and see one. Unfortunately we didn’t fancy the Duke’s one this year, so we decided to watch a traditional Shakespeare one, a Midsummer Nights Dream by the Chapterhouse Theatre Company.

We wandered up to the park about half an hour before it started to pick up our tickets and get some good seats. I’m glad we did seeing as it got rather busy, infact I think the dell (main ampitheatre in the park) was packed by the time the show started. One of the theatre company came out and introduced the show, also telling us that in the event of rain, we’d get wet, which was nice of him! The whole play was performed by the same eight actors, who definately got a lot of practice at quick changes. It was all rather well done and you soon learnt to associate with the costumes rather than the faces of the actors.

It did attempt to rain on a couple of occasions, which was met by a lot of rustling of coats, macs and umbrellas. In fact, there were some pretty thoughtless people in the middle of the audience who seemed to think that people could see through their ‘brollies! The rain didn’t amount to much and we only got a little damp, but noone seemed to care.

All in all, it was a play not to be missed and we’ll definately be going back to watch some more when they start again next year. If you get a chance to go to one, you’d be a fool to miss it! Hopefully the Duke’s will put on a play that we both want to see as theirs are set in various locations around the park which should make it even more interesting!