Astro Empires / Tribal Wars – Great new way of wasting time!

Recently I’ve been playing a game that Lionel put me on to called Tribal Wars which is very good fun. Basically its a web based strategy game where you build up your village, recruit some thugs, and plunder other villages around you, eventually taking over other villages and growing your empire. To help all this you can also if you wish join a guild and enlist the help/protection of hundreds of other players. The best part of all is the fact that it is set up to play over a very long time. Building and recruiting is done over a span of hours, along with resource build up. This means that you can set something up in the morning, go to work and leave it to run its course.

After playing that for a month or two, I’ve had a look for a different one to play with a more sci-fi theme and have no found one called Astro Empires. The basics are very similar to Tribal Wars except on a larger scale. In this you set up your base and build up your structures whilst researching new technologies. Once you get to a certain level you then start sending out your scouts and outpost ships to colonise new planets. Again you have the choice of joining guilds to help you which comes in very handy if someone decides to attack you! Astro Empires is actually a lot more flexible than Tribal Wars, with a lot more scope for designing your base, the ability to set up trade routes, and also hire commanders with certain skills to help you run your bases.

Both games are free, with the choice of paying for an account upgrade (both offer free trials of upgrades) to give you various benefits such as larger construction queues and an advanced interface. Definately worth a try, click the banner below to play Astro Empires!