The construction begins…

Two parcels arrived this morning, one a 2.3kg reel of 3mm ABS filament, the other was a surprisingly small box full of plastic and metal. Otherwise known as a RepRap Huxley 3d printer! A little over 3 weeks past the expected delivery date, but at least its here now.

Unfortunately, work got in the way of me doing much, but an hour of my ADSL being broken over dinner meant I could at least open up and check the contents. I must say, it is smaller than I was expecting, but thats a good thing. This should fit nicely on my desk and not take up too much room. The box contains everything you need to build the printer, bar tools of course. This kit is actually an import from the states, sold through a UK company who I assume buy a load of these and then ship them out locally. It did come with a US power cord on the PSU, but for me that isn’t exactly a show stopper! No instructions are included, instead everything you need is online on a wiki, and in numerous videos supplied by other people who have built them and in true open source fashion, contributed back to the project. In this vein, I’m hopefully going to improve the instructions on the wiki a little. I’ve already spotted a few areas that could be improved.

Wonder how long this is going to take me!?

Plastic parts, and metal rods.

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