It flew… briefly


There is a 'copter there somewhere.

Well, the quadcopter flew briefly. Twice.

I managed to get a very short flight before a tree jumped in my way and I lost control. Thankfully not much damage, just some smashed blades and a couple of motors had broke free. I quickly repaired it and went out for another try.

Unfortunately, the second flight ended with quite a bit more damage. I think the main frame had been weakened by the first crash, so after a bit of a heavy landing, it totally buckled. Still, the second flight did last a bit longer, and it seemed to fly well. Out of all this I’ve learnt a few things:

  1. Stay out of the way of trees
  2. 10mm dowling is not strong enough to survive a heavy landing
  3. The frame needs to be a lot more robust and accurate to fly steady.

So, with this new knowledge, I’ve ordered a frame kit which will hopefully arrive in a few days and prove to be a bit more reliable. Especially as it has landing gear, which my frame didn’t. This should keep me going until I finish my printer and can design a nice custom printed ‘copter. Might also have a go at balancing my motors and props.

Still waiting for the replacement parts for my printer. Some arrived the other day, but they forgot to include the main circuit board. ie, the part that burst into flames and I can’t progress without. Not impressed.