Obligatory Blog List

Most of the things I write are over on my droid blog but I thought it was about time I did a post on here, and what better than an obligatory list post!

A lot of my TV viewing is Youtube based, and I’m always talking to others about some of the channels I watch. Here is a cultivated list of some of my favourites in a few different categories.

Maker channels

This is a list of channels from the maker community, from woodwork to forge work.

  • Tested.com – Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame, along with other tech and geek reviews.
  • Alec Steele – Brit now moved to Montana, lots of metal work and some fine detail jewelery.
  • April Wilkerson – Wood working mainly, including a recent build of a massive shop.
  • AvE – Mad canadian, lots of hints and tips, along with tool tests and teardowns. Plenty of swearing and no holds barred.
  • Clickspring – Insane amount of detail and precision on this channel, so hypnotic to watch.
  • Colin Furze – Modern British mad scientist/inventor. Builds many dangerous contraptions in his workshop.
  • I Like To Make Stuff – Just what it says on the tin. Various DIY home projects and other fun builds.
  • Jimmy DiResta – The original Youtube maker, insane skills and brilliant builds.
  • Kris Harbour – Lots of sustainable building as he constructs an off grid homestead.
  • Primitive Technology – Goes out into the bush with nothing but a camera and a pair of shorts. There he builds huts, kilns, fires bricks, generally goes back to nature.


Various channels that give information about space travel.

  • Everyday Astronaut – Bought a russian space suit, took some photographs, now a space science informer. Covers all aspects of rocket science and launches.
  • Scott Manley – Originally got popular from playing Kerbal Space Program, now does deep dives into rocket theory and reports on space activities.
  • TMRO – Weekly space news, interviews, generally keeps you up to date with what is going on in space.
  • The Vintage Space – All about the history of space travel and the people who made it a reality.


All sorts of science and technology videos.

  • Applied Science – Crosses the line between theory and application, builds various demos of scientific principals.
  • Because Science – Where geek culture and science meet. How do super powers work?
  • Cody’s Lab – Science in the real world. Recovering gold, real life minecraft, taking a bath in mercury.
  • Curious Droid – Takes a look at aerospace technology, from past to present into the future.
  • Practical Engineering – Applies scientific principles in the real world, with many civil engineering examples.
  • Real Engineering – A wide ranging dive into various technologies and the science behind them.
  • Smarter Every Day – One of the biggest science channels on YouTube, covers topics on anything that takes his fancy, just dives in and figures out how things work.
  • Standup Maths – Maths problems, number theories, real world applications, all with a comedic style.
  • The Science Asylum – A great explainer of complex ideas such as quantum theory, relativity, and other deep physics ideas.
  • Veritasium – Covers science, education, and just about anything else he finds interesting.


These channels cover restoration, dismantling, and building of electronic projects.

  • Big Clive dot com – Strips down various electronics goods, usually cheap chinese imports, to figure out how they work and review them at the same time.
  • Curious Marc – R2 Builder and old computer restorer.
  • EEVBlog – Mad Aussie with lots of knowledge of electronics, does tutorials and reviews of electronic devices.
  • James Bruton – Robot (including R2 and BB8) builder, gives some good overviews of how things work.


Have to have a misc section, various geeky or fun channels here.

  • Corridor Crew – Vlog of the team behind Corridor Digital. Some great tutorials on film making and special effects, along with fun games.
  • Corridor – This is where the Corridor Crew release their finished videos.
  • Fact Fiend – No nonsense guy talking about various topics, with many tangents throughout.
  • Fully Charged – All about electrics cars and other renewable energy solutions and projects. Hosted by Robert Llewellyn.
  • Sneaky Zebra – Cosplay videos and a few small features.
  • Slow Mo Guys – They film everything they can in super slow motion, usually at some form of bodily peril.
  • Tom Scott – Linguistics, quiz shows, amazing places, things you may not know. All whilst wearing a red t-shirt (definitely recommend watching Citation Needed on this channel)
  • Today I Found Out – A daily video about random facts.

That should do for now. I tend to find I watch videos from all these channels as soon as a new one is released. Theres plenty of back catalog to be going on with too.