The Wedding!

Thankfully, not my wedding. Today (well, yesterday, Saturday) Matthew Lee and Patricia McGrath tied the knot at the Registry office in Lancaster. Here is a link to some pictures from the (long, exhausting, fun) day.

The Wedding Photos

Congratulations to Matty and Trish!


New web hosting

Hello again,

I’ve just been preparing a server for hosting web pages and the like for local bands, etc. and some projects I’m working on. If you happen to be in the market for a small, cheap server, just click the link below. If you sign up through this link I get a discount on my current server 😉 Also, here’s a referer link to the company I buy all my domain names through, so if you want a domain name and click through this link to get it, I get 10% 8)

Bytemark Hosting

So far I’ve got one of my projects hosted there and a couple of bands:

If any one else wants me to do some hosting, give me a shout and we’ll come to an arrangement! 8)


House wide MultiMedia System

I’ve just finished getting MythTv working in my house which means that I can watch Freeview on any cheap PC hooked up to a TV. Along with this I can set up recording of programs to my server, pause/rewind of live TV, and a whole list of other stuff including playing MP3’s, watching video files downloaded off the ‘net, check the weather, play DVD’s, view all my photos and even make phone calls!

I’ve gone commercial!

Hello again,

I’m back at work now 🙁 and in my ever running attempt at earning money for doing nothing I’ve put some google adverts and a google search bar on here. Basically if you click on an advert or use the search bar I get a (miniscule) amount of money! so click away! 😎


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, 2004 is well and truly behind us and the pictures are up to prove it!

I certainly had a good night and I hope everyone else did too. I’ve had too much sugar which is why I’m still up and typing this in at such a rediculous time in the morning!

Hope you all have a wonderful 2005,


My new web pages…

Well, after a slight, well cock up, my web pages are back up again. Unfortunately all the previous pages were mainly stored in a database that got deleted with no backups! Needless to say, backups are now running and hopefully it won’t happen again, or at least won’t be quite so annoying! Also I think I may have removed the offending hardware that was causing my web server to crash so it should be up constantly now. If the site is slow, that is because I’m downloading something, either be patient or come back later. My ADSL is getting upgraded to 2Mb sometime during the next month which should help a lot!