Back in Blighty

Well, had an eventful three weeks in the states, but I’m back now and eager to get on with things!

The first two weeks of me being away were taken up with work as part of my regular visits to the states to see everyone in the office. I’m glad I was out there at this particular time thanks to an email received in the early house of Monday morning, informing me that the american arm of 2ergo had been sold to a company called SoundBite. A bit of a shock to say the least! Still, the new company sounds promising and once I have a few HR things sorted out I’m sure things will be fine. As long as I have servers to play with I’m happy!

The last week of stateside was spent with my partner in crime, sightseeing around Washington DC. We both love museums, and these took up the majority of our time, along with a trip to the National Zoo, and a fantastic Segway tour of the city. Many thanks to Carly, our guide from Segs in the City. There ended up only being us two and the tour guide, so we could go at our own pace and managed to get a lot more out of the tour than we would have if we had a bigger group.

Segways are great fun… Hmm, I may have to build one!

Here’s a few photos from our trips.

Was a great week off, and a first for us to both be abroad in the same place at the same time!

But, I’m back home now, and back at work. I’m hoping this weekend I can get my quadcopter flying again if the weather is nice, and to also get a big chunk of my new Prusa based 3d printer built now that I have all the parts.


New job and Washington DC!

Ok, so its been over a year since my last post! No shock there really. So, whats happened? In the last 3 months I’ve gone from being in a comfortable job of 10+ years, to taking the plunge into a brand new one. Even more of a shock is the new one involves travel! Yep, thats right, after 18 years, I’m actually going to leave the country!

The new job is a Sysadmin roll for the US office of a mobile phone marketing company, 2ergo. I will be home based mostly, but have been flown out to the US office in Washington DC to meet the guys out here and get to know the systems. Looks like I’ll be coming out on a regular basis too. I’m out here for a month, and have even managed to squeeze a little sight seeing into it too!

So far the job is looking good. Lots of geeky things to do and sort out and everyone is really friendly. I think I’m going to enjoy myself. Its just a really strange feeling going from being the one who knew how all the systems worked, to having to learn everything from scratch! Still, thats part of the fun, and gives me an excuse to document everything!