A bit of an update.

Ok, I think this cartoon sums it up…

Its been a few months since I last did a proper update, but having said that I haven’t really been up to much. My printer has got to the stage where I can get fairly decent prints out of it, but if I want better quality I will have to start dismantling it and replacing parts. However, if I do that, I may not get it going again, so I’ve started building my second printer. I’m making the rods slightly bigger, but apart from that I’m following the standard Prusa Mk II design. I’ll dedicate a separate post to that.

My Raspberry Pi is running XBMC and while it is usable, it isn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be. Still, its beta quality so will hopefully get better. I will give it a full review in a later post.

So, this weekend is going to be rather fun. I’ve got another convention to go to. This time it is the 3rd Annual Vampire Ball, hosted by StarFury Conventions at theĀ RenaissanceĀ Hotel in Heathrow. This will be the second Vampire Ball I’ve been to, but my 6th convention. We are heading off on the Thursday, to get there a day early so we can hopefully have an early night and be ready for a lot of partying over the weekend. I’m not sure if its going to work out like that, but the good intentions are there.

I also seem to have rediscovered Eve Online, thanks to being invited on the beta test of Dust 514. For those who don’t know, Eve is an single shard MMORPG meaning that unlike games such as World of Warcraft, everyone plays on the same server (or rather, cluster). So you have a world with in excess of 40,000 people playing all at once. Dust 514 is an offshoot of this, bringing an FPS (First Person Shooter) game into the same universe. How they are doing this, and allowing interactions between Eve and Dust, is fantastic. I’m looking forward to the full release of Dust 514 on the PS3 soon. Oh, and Dust is free to play too!

So thats the last few months caught up. I will be writing a review of the Vampire Ball once I get back and have recovered. I’ll also fill in a lot more details about my new printer, XBMC on my Pi, and I have something that I need to have a good rant about too.


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